For the last two hundred years, the border between Urstille and the rest of Carum Sound has been sealed, leaving most of this nation shrouded in mystery.

Militaristic and sexually expressive, the Urstillians are not trusted by many nations, especially their closest neighbors, who have a history of losing people near their shared borders.

Once known as the Kingdom of Urstille, by the time the border is opened, decades of aggressive expansion have transformed it into the Urstillian Empire.

Is this empire truly sinister, or have they been unfairly portrayed in the history of Carum Sound?

Catch your first glimpse of Urstillians in Kiss of Destiny, and begin to find out...

Tongue Tied reveals the rest.

Urstillian Language

Cendiodos Urstilios



A - {ɑ} want

B - {b} boy

C - {k} cat

CH - {x} loch

D - {d} dog

E - {ɛ} help

G - {g} goat

I/EE - {i} kiwi

L - {l} cool

M - {m} mom

N - {n} nope

O - {o} polo

P - {p} hoop

PH - {f} phone

R - {r} burro (rolled)

S - {s} see

T - {t} too

TH - {ð} them

U - {u} dude

Y - {j} yes




Acas Icsio Sh*t Pass, nickname for Break Pass

Acas Icsiol Break Pass, border town to Meriveria

Agilee Ucuee Lady Agilee, Calosandros's bitter ex

Anabusos Dulados Captain Anabusos, Calosandros's best friend


Boinee Ucuee Lady Boinee, Calosandros's genial ex, Conora's friend


cabalee guroiyionee crown princess consort

cal beautiful/handsome

calisioree love bite/hickey

cechee stupid

celudos ucuisa ladies' haven

celudos ucusioya lords' haven

Cenurd Thiados King Kennard, Conora's brother

ceree nose

cianee neck

cianos heart

coindalos face/cheek

coiyos home

crenos son

Cuintos Uboios Emperor Quintos, Calosandros's father


duboinee born princess

duboinos guroiyionos crown prince

dulos soldier


goree empress consort

griliclasee f***-closet

guroltee treasure


iclas screw/f***

icoin marry

Icoinur loee icpiayosagee May your marriage be orgasmic

(wedding blessing)

icthidoee kiss


loee you/yours (plural)

loisios father

loisos bird/penis (cock)

loiyos friend

lud no


madee mother/mama

Meripheree Meriveria

Meripherios Meriverian

mios yes


namayos dearest

Nemonee Goree Empress Consort Nemonee, Calosandros's mother

nuil little vixen


Odilia Thiadee Reigning Queen Odelia, Conora's sister-in-law

oid/oin you/yours (singular)

onee wife

Orosiad major Urstillian city


pan of

pana good

Pasutrus capital city of Urstille

piationos crygasm

Pusosio Sioria Sexual Positions (instruction manual)


semiaos c***

sima welcome

sioria sexy/sexual

Siputreos minor Urstillian city

sitrecayus contreceptive wine


tee okay

toros mouth

tumaos lip


uboios emperor

ucuee lady

ucus lord

ucusodoil lower pettilord

ucusoil pettilord

uphaian foreigner

Urstil Urstille

Urstilios Urstillian

us child


yid me

yis I

Yis oid icthian I love you/I am yours

yolicthiar lovesick

yolois podia bear fever

yos mine

yosee hand/palm