The setting for the Healers' Kiss trilogy (Kiss of Treason, Kiss of Destiny, and Kiss of Legacy), "I Loved You Tomorrow," and Tongue Tied, Meriveria is covered in dense evergreen forests. This young kingdom was originally two nations: the coastal land of Elgatha in the west and the hills and mountains of Vist in the east. It is named after their original capital cities of Meria and Iverish.

Both Elgatha and Vist were under constant threat from their larger, more aggressive neighbors, especially Urstille, whose people were notorious for sneaking through the mountain passes to abduct Vistans.  King Uldrio of Vist, a renowned seer, presented the Treaty of Meriveria to Elgatha. This formalized their alliance and the longstanding friendship between their royal houses.

Vist was able to close their passes, and both kingdoms flourished under the increased trade as well as access to more agriculture in the valley that had served as the border between them. After a century of alliance, a mysterious plague wiped out the Vistan royal palace in Iverish, and the Elgathan monarchs began to rule Vist directly under the larger kingdom of Meriveria.

By the era of King Gonfrid, the Vistans are restless, weary of being second-class subjects to the Elgathans. How long until they revolt? Follow the Healers' Kiss trilogy to find out…